The Worlditect Process

How we work for you.

You Request

Tell us where you're going and when you're going. Or just send us a link from a comparison engine.

Our Experts Search

Your request gets assigned one of our very own resident flight hunters, and they start searching away until they find you the best deal.

You Relax

Once the experts send your deal to you, purchase and enjoy your trip with the peace of mind knowing how much you saved getting there.

How We Started


I'm a software developer by trade, which means that I solve problems all day, even ones some deem as impossible. In my free time, I wanted to travel more often, but it was hard to do with my budget.

One day though, I decided to look at flights from a perspective of a software developer. A whole new world opened up, and that next weekend I was on a plane to New Orleans that only cost me $18.

While I was traveling or when I was back home talking with friends and co-workers, many asked me to find them these amazing deals. I remember one interaction in particular, in this tiny hostel in Medellín, Colombia while I was eating with other travelers. They were so shocked that I was able to fly there for $125 from Orlando, and they all started offering me money to find them these same deals.

Once I landed back home, I started to get to work on figuring out how to help as many people as I can traveling more, without saying it's too expensive. Worlditect is my attempt at this.


Laken Hafner

Laken Hafner

Founder & World Traveler


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